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Sreedhari enjoys painting cityscapes and townscapes--sometimes evocative of bygone days and other times, highlighting the challenges of urbanization. She sees the colorful fabric of life in the dreariest, grime filled corners of the world.

Antim Sanskaar 18x24 Oil on stretched canvas
On the banks of the Danube 195x195 Oil on stretched canvas
Downtown Boston 36x44 Oil on wood and gesso
Two boys and one umbrella copy
Rainy day in Verona copy
Piazza Erbe, Verona copy
Kuchh naav copy
Dariyaan copy
Volare 24 x 30 canvas board
Violettas Lisboa 9x12 canvas panel
Vermillion City 7 X 5 Oil on board
Throng of bathers, Kashi
The palette of India
The Charles 2010 24 x 36
Roofs 20 x 20 Oil on stretched canvas
Religion amidst rooftops
Reflections in Pushkar
Rediscovering passion Menton
Rainy day in Verona
Piazza Erbe, Verona
London in my vernacular heart
La magia di Porto Fino
Kuchh naav
Kashi For those who couldnt make it 7 x
Friday Oil on canvas panel 24 x 36
A fine day 11 x 44 Oil on wood and gesso
Two boys and one umbrella copy
Dariyaan for ASQ
Religion amidst rooftops copy
The palette of India copy
Ricordando Porto Fino copy
Throng of bathers, Kashi copy
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