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People’s faces tell stories. Sometimes, it is as if their wrinkles and hardships couldn't dull their zest for life. At other times, even the prettiest of faces is overcast with sorrow. Sreedhari enjoys doing quick sketches and adding swatches of colors to capture someone’s life story on small canvases.

Quiet resilience 28x22 Oil on stretch canvas
The hair cut 12x12 Oil on stretched canvas
Le chagrin de vivre 20x16 Oil on stretched canvas
The Pride of Lambadis 12x12 Oil on stretched canvas
Padharo maare des 8x8 Oil on canvas cloth
Portrait of Maria Elena copy
The Poetess 14x11 Oil on Canvas
The girl with the shy smile 7 x 5 Oil on
The face of income inequality 20 x 16 Oi
The Economy 2009 5 x 7 canvas board
The benefactress 14 x 11 Oil on canvas p
Portrait of Maria Elena
One final sip 2012 Oil on canvas panel
Naalayak Moy 4 x 6 oil on canvas
Mayas golden ribbons 20 x 16 oil on canv
Lunch Hour
Lullaby in the woods 24 x 30 canvas boar
Father of the bride
Boy and his tricycle
Black and beautiful 11 x 14 canvas panel
Bazerman and his books
Two boys and one umbrella
Tiny might 20 x 16 Oil on canvas panel 2
Nartiki Veg
Nartiki Uchhaal
Last rites 11 x 14 2011
Father and Son 16 x 20 Oil on canvas pan
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