Sreedhari Desai was born and raised in India. She has a bachelor's degree in engineering, a master's degree in Finance, and a doctoral degree in Management. She has received several grants and fellowships, the most notable among them being a grant from the National Stock Exchange in Mumbai, India, and three fellowships from Harvard University. Not only is Sreedhari well versed in the natural and social sciences, she is also gifted as an artist. She has won art competitions sponsored by the Camlin Art Center, Shankar's Academy of Art, and the T. S. Central State Library of Chandigarh. 


She has undergone formal training in the fine arts at Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah. However, her most valuable art lessons were learned during her travels in Europe in the years 2002 and 2008 during which she was exposed to the work of Dutch, Italian, French, and Spanish masters. Her work is also influenced by her friends and fellow artists, Rob McKay, Craig Glidden, Allen Bishop, and Rick Graham. She says, "Modeling for Rob and others has taught me different ways of capturing light and shade."


Sreedhari has had solo art shows in Salt Lake City (Utah) and Durham (North Carolina), and maintains a studio space in Durham.