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Those Fragrant Sounds


you let me go; falling, I echo

did you ever love me? love me? love me?

you turned your face away from mine,

my eyes still stare at what was left behind, 

hoping to catch a glimpse of the future promised.

    do you remember how we, the flowers, trembled?

     i slid into love with you, you caught me

                                 now i’m falling



i can’t sleep but i still dream

of those afternoons spent upon your bed

of the music that we made, divine.

those sounds were fragrant, yours and mine.

and now you’re gone, my love; i’ve lost all that matters,

 send my riches on the wind,

 without you, i am shattered,

         all is scattered. 



my garden still blooms with gorgeous flowers,

watered by these tears, fertilized by your absence

i remember that first moment, crystal clear,

   your touch, my skin,


         here and here;

now you fade into a stranger.

i feel your shape as a shadow,

  shifting, fleeting,



where do our memories go to sink?

what ocean holds your hand in mine?

the games we played, those martinis we have yet to drink?

i am married now and he is a stranger;

our passion never learned to swim,

not like those waves we rode,

our bodies crashing wet together.

                        i’m drowning now, in your arm’s prison.

                                            my fate is written

   and re-written.


his wedding band sits upon my finger,

but it is your name on my lips.

despite the bangles on my hands--

     they look so bare.

the folds on the bedsheets still murmur your name.

        your love, lost forever, burns me in its flames

        the spark in my eyes has faded and passed

                                        i live without you, 

         cold as ash.

darling, you are still mine, i’m yours forever.

i send all the love in my heart just to reach you.

desperate and thirsty, i long for your touch,

              these saltwater tears fill the ocean between us.

devoid of life, i offer my prayers,

              won’t you come back to me now,

                                 i’m lost here without you,

                                  come show me the way

                                  the way back to love.

© Sreedhari Desai

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